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El Refugio Hospitality House 2

Our hospitality house in Lumpkin, Georgia is open during the weekend from Saturday at 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. (noon) on Sunday. We are just 1 mile from Stewart Detention Center, and we provide FREE food and lodging. (See below for driving directions.) We provide sheets and towels, as well as meals and snacks.

To stay overnight during the weekend: Call El Refugio at (229) 234-9022 to leave a voicemail, and someone will return your call.
Drop by: You can also drop by the house just to rest, use the bathroom, take a shower, get something to eat, get some snacks for the road, or just to visit with us!
If you need lodging during the week: Please contact our partner Koinonia Farm at (229) 924-0391 and ask for midweek housing. Koinonia is in Americus, which is only 45 minutes away from Stewart Detention Center.

Hospitality House Address: 655 Main Street, Lumpkin, GA 30318

Some GPS will get you to Lumpkin, but not directly to the house.  We recommend using GoogleMaps, Waze, or other navigation system, or check GoogleMaps online.  Look for the little yellow house with an “El Refugio” yard sign out front.

Driving Directions from Atlanta

Take I-85 South.

Take exit 21 to merge onto I-185 South. This will be just before you get to LaGrange.

Continue 50 miles to Columbus and take exit 1-A for US 27 S/GA 1 S/ GA 520 E. Exit 1-A is IMMEDIATELY after exit 1-B. Watch the signs carefully and make sure you’re in the correct lane for the  correct exit. If you miss the exit, you’ll end up on Fort Benning’s property, and it’s no real problem, it’s just confusing and will slow you down. If you take exit 1-B by mistake, you’ll be headed into Columbus, so just turn around and look for signs for US 27 S.

Go 11.8 miles to the first flashing yellow light and turn RIGHT to continue on US 27 S/ GA 1 S.

Go about 19 or 20 miles to what is again the first flashing yellow light and turn LEFT. Before you get to that light, you’ll see a sign for Lumpkin that directs you to turn. It’s easier if you continue on to the flashing light, but if you do end up taking that turn, just continue on until you reach the four-way stop (see below), where you’ll turn left.

In a few blocks, you’ll come to a four-way stop sign. Continue straight another couple blocks and you’ll see the county courthouse on your right. Turn RIGHT at the courthouse and go one block, then turn LEFT onto Main Street.

Go past the cemetery on the right, and look for address 655 on the left. It’s a yellow house and there should be a brown and yellow sign out front that says “El Refugio.” Turn into the driveway and park behind the house. If you need to, you may park in the driveway of the house next door, which is unoccupied,

On your return trip, as you’re approaching Columbus, look carefully for the signs for I-185 N. There will be a sign, then an exit that you DON’T want to take, then the correct exit. If you mistakenly take the exit just after the sign, you’ll again end up on Fort Benning, and here you’ll have to go through a security gate and the soldier there will redirect you to the highway.