Executive Director Amilcar Valencia shares exciting news about the re-opening of visitation. To support our We Are Mucho Mas campaign, go here: https://www.mightycause.com/story/0umxuf

How We Can Help

• We invite you or your loved one to call:
Family and community support line: 404.480.4780
Helpline for people at Stewart Detention Center: 229.234.9022
• We can send your loved one a book to alleviate boredom.
• We can put a small amount of money on your loved one’s commissary and phone accounts.
• We can send you a grocery store gift card.
• We can arrange for a bag of clothing for your loved one, in case they are deported.
• We can provide post-release support for your loved one, if they are released on bond or parole, or because they won their case.
• If you are experiencing financial hardship, you may be eligible for assistance with rent and utilities. Please contact Michelle Fierro at michelle@elrefugioministry.org

Our report is available here in English: Click Here →

Spanish-language version coming soon.

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El Refugio is again collecting holiday cards for people at SDC through December 6. In addition to sending a card,
please consider a $20 donation for a commissary gift for a person at SDC.

For commissary gift, please link here:

Click here

Download our Holiday Card Campaign toolkit here.

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What We Do


(Our house is currently closed due to COVID-19)

We offer lodging, meals, and support to families visiting loved ones detained at Stewart Detention Center.


(Our house is currently closed due to COVID-19)

We take individuals and groups to visit immigrants detained at Stewart Detention Center.


We support people coming out of SDC with plane and bus tickets, information, and referrals.


We give presentations at school, church, and community groups to increase awareness of immigration detention and advocate for justice for immigrants.